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ABOUT GoodFellas TOKYO Trio


GoodFellas TOKYO Trio - an electronic live dance music trio who’s based on minimal tribal dance music blend with tribal techno and psychedelic essense. Have an own field blending a HandPan, Bansuri, Bass, Analog Synthesizer and Modular synthesizers by the Live play.

GoodFellas TOKYO Trio are formed in Tokyo in 2021 by REO MATSUMOTO (HandPan / Percussion / Analog Synthesizer), Tondo (Bansuri / Modular Synthesizer), miffrino (Bass / Modular Synthesizer)

GoodFellas TOKYO Trio merge an electronic music with instruments live play. That is plaudits for tripping experience, inspiration,gunuine of joyful and impressive.

the First Album is release at June 2023.



Artist / GoodFellas TOKYO Trio


Release Date:2023.7.1 (Sat)

Track List

Side X


2.Free People

3.Neo Nation

4.Neon (Neo Nation - Mamazu remix)

Side Y


6.Alt Alt Alt


8.Lilly (bonus track)

Good Fellas TOKYO Trio, consisting of REOMATSUMOTO, Tonbo, and miffrino, who are currently exciting the Tokyo club scene with their electronic live performances, will release their long-awaited debut album with support from Sorameccer Sound Design! The album will be released with support from Sorameccer Sound Design!

FREE MIND" is the work of these three unique individuals, each of whom is also a trackmaker, handpan player, flute player, and bass player.

This hybrid work, created on the theme of cosmic tribal dance, is a perfect fusion of ethnic and organic grooves of handpans, flutes, percussion, etc., and electronic sounds such as modular synthesizers.

Side X is built on the basis of live jam sessions, with hand pans, flutes, and bass slowly building up the sound, and the groove changes smoothly like water changing its shape, inviting you to dance. Side Y is a deep~minimal~tribal album created through studio work by the three of them.

The mastering engineer is Sebastián Cordovés, who has worked on Nicola Cruz's [Prender el Alma] and Chancha Via Circuito, and the result is a world-class sound.

The album also includes "Neo Nation - Mamazu remix" by Mamazu (Hole and Holland / SABI), the most important figure in the Tokyo tribal house scene with releases on labels around the world!